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‘Home’, a collection of 15 songs, sees Paul embracing his love of music of all genres. Working with long-time musical director Chris Taylor, Paul has made a record without rules, one that celebrates the beauty of the song and the power of the voice.

Songs by Richard Marx, Spandau Ballet and George Harrison sit alongside pieces by Musumarra & Pintus, Chopin, and De Curtis & Furno. Sting’s ‘When We Dance’ is translated into Italian to become ‘Quando Balliam’’; the familiar ‘Beyond The Sea’ is returned to the original French of Charles Trénet & Albert Lasry’s ‘La Mer’. Elsewhere he continues to challenge the concept of genre by performing songs by Foo Fighters, Guns N’ Roses and The Eagles while also relishing the operatic tours de force of Un Amore Così Grande and L’ora Dell’Addio. “There are no rules saying what you must like – music connects with your very soul, and the genre is irrelevant. I wanted my choices on ‘Home’ to challenge the concept of the necessity of genre.” The album opens with ‘Quando Balliam’’ – “’When We Dance’ has a real Latin flavour which made me decide to perform it in Italian. I loved the feel of the song on Sting’s ‘Symphonicities’ album, in its broken down form with light percussion and subtle melodies.” A staple of Paul’s live set, ‘Non ti Scorda di Me’ talks of the passing of summer, before the simple beauty of ‘The Best Of Me’. “In today’s world, with all its conflicts, I think it is even more poignant that love can cross the divides” Paul says of ‘Through The Barricades’ “It’s a great track that I hope I have done justice to.” Popularised as ‘Beyond The Sea’ by the likes of the Rat Pack and Robbie Williams, Paul has taken the song back to its original chanson La Mer (the first time he has sung in French) saying “I think the lilt of the tune matches its original language better; its phrasing is intoxicating.” Another tour favourite ‘L’ora Dell’Addio’ has tenderness and power in equal measure while on ‘Something’ – “a great love song with a great feel” – Paul hits the highest note he has ever recorded (a top D flat). The simple and passionate ‘Tristezza’ is an arrangement by Paul and Chris (Taylor) based on Frederic Chopin Etude. The power of ‘Un Amore Così Grande’ is followed by the beautifully tender ‘I’m Yours and ‘Il Mio Miracolo’ – both live favourites – before Paul’s recording of ‘Desperado’ “You have to be careful with iconic songs, and I hope that I have done justice to this Eagles classic.” Paul continues to surprise with ‘November Rain’ – “I worked hard to give the song what it deserved.  Guitarist Tim Maple has done a fantastic job with that epic guitar solo – I was insistent on keeping the longer of the two guitar solos in, and it sounds fantastic!” – before closing the album with the soothing ‘Home’.